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We have been casting projects for over 20 years in the UK, Europe and USA.

Commercials. Feature Films. TV. Stills. Street Casting

It’s our passion. It’s our thing!
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After working with Nicci on two feature films and over a dozen ads, I wouldn't work with anyone else. She's the most hard-working, inspiring, knowledgeable and shrewd casting director out there -- and she does it all with a smile

Pat Holden - Director
Gus Van Sant
Keith McCarthy
Jacques Salmon
Peter Lydon
Lisa Gunning
Shane Meadows
Michael Cumming
Rob Chiu
Nick Wild
Thomas James
Odilon Rocha
Kim Gehring
Betsan Morris Evans
Kavi Raz
Paul Tanter
Ryan Bonder
Daniel Wolfe
Tom King
Peter Cattaneo
Tony Kaye
Paul Hunter
Chris Morris
Yousaf Ali Khan
Matt Winn
Julian Kronfli
Phil Taylor
Tony Durston
Emma Farrell
Mick Davies
Martin Brieley
Dahlan Masselle
Ian Single
Phil Kerr
Steve Wright
Richard Laxton
Pat Holden
Matt Carter
Steve Bendelack
Mark Brozel
Michael Baldwin
Michael Winterbottom
Darren Bolton